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10 Things I Miss From My Life Pre-Kids

10 Things I Miss From My Life Pre-Kids

Motherhood has been filled with so many joys, some so wonderful I thought my heart would burst. I have cuddled my twin boys, loved them, fed them and cherished my time with them. I thank God every day that I have these two precious little men.  But, there are times I think back to what my life was like before them and selfishly wish for some of the things I cherished then. Here is my list (in no particular order):


1. Time to Read. Oh how I miss the days when I devoured a novel a week, could tell you about all the literary award winners, and even re-read some of my favorite books. Right now, I have (no exaggeration) 20 books stacked waiting to be read.

2. Sleep While I finally have my boys sleep trained I still feel like I am not getting enough sleep (apparently two years of sleep deprivation will do that to you). I honestly feel like I could go to sleep now and wake up next week.

3. A Clean Car Before kids I thought of myself as a tidy person. Someone who kept things neat, in order and organized. Then, came babies and eventually toddlers. While I work my hardest to create order and structure, I have lost the battle with my car. So much so that once a month I pay to have it cleaned inside and out so that someone else gets the joy of getting food crumbs from underneath the seats and in the consoles. I tip them generously and for that drive home I soak up the clean car smell.

4. Sleeping In (see #2) Sleeping is one of my best skills. I fall asleep easily, stay asleep consistently and can nap just about anywhere. My favorite thing to do on Sundays is to sleep as long as possible, then go out for brunch. Now, by the time other people are sitting down to brunch I am already through two coffees, breakfast, morning snack and am preparing lunch for the boys.

5. Money Children are expensive, that is no surprise, but twins are VERY expensive. Two of everything, from toys, to cribs, to car seats you need two. I have bought some things second hand, but a lot of the time it is easiest to find two of exactly the same thing to prevent a lot of hassle.  And strollers, my goodness we have sunk our net worth in strollers!

6. Paying Babysitters (see #5) I remember fondly my husband and I going out to the movies and dinner and it cost $80 including tickets, snacks and a great dinner.  Now, double that.  Good babysitters are hard to come by and they are pricey.  So, the movie better be darn good for me to shell out that kind of money.

7. Meaningful Phone Conversations One of my best friends from elementary school just called.  She wanted to talk about her day and catch up.  I tried.  I really tried.  But, hard to carry on a conversation with twins crawling all over me, yelling, screeching, and saying “mom” 1000 times.

8. My Parents Attention As an only child myself I used to lament how much attention my parents gave to me.  Even into my thirties they were a little too involved in my life.  But, since the twins have been born, my parents turned into grandparents and I have taken a back seat.  Luckily the boys live with me or I might never see them!

9. Privacy I never thought that going to the bathroom alone was a luxury, I felt it was a necessity.  I mean who are those people that leave the bathroom door open when they pee?  Apparently, that is what happens when you become a mom, you lose all self respect and ability to take care of personal matters in private!

10. My Belly Button I was never a fan of my belly per se, in fact it has been an area that was always quick to hold extra weight.  But, I had a nice belly button.  An innie, proportionate and fitting for my body type and shape.  Now, I have something that was once a belly button, got stretched to maximum capacity and then got swallowed by stretch marks and belly fat.

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